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Dennis Kucinich

1) We should continue in this war until Iraq is a stable democracy


"I'm the only candidate in this race who has a consistent record in not only opposing the war from the beginning … [but] voting against each and every appropriation."—Dennis Kucinich

Glover, Mike "Kucinich sees 'fake debate' over Iraq war," (AP) Akron Beacon Journal (04/12/07)

Dennis Kucinich helped lead opposition to the war in Iraq before it began, saying from the outset that "that there was no evidence to support the administration's advances." His opposition has been consistent, and he has crafted a bill to end the "occupation" and stabilize Iraq with an international peace-keeping and security force. He believes it is vital to "restore Iraq's sovereignty over its oil, control its food and energy prices, and protect its financial integrity by ensuring Iraq will not be the target of World Bank and IMF structural adjustment policies."

HR 1234 The Plan to End the Iraq War Kucinich 2008

Glover, Mike "Kucinich sees 'fake debate' over Iraq war," (AP) Akron Beacon Journal (04/12/07)

Koff, Steven "No More Money For Iraq War, Kucinich Says" Cleveland Plain Dealer (11/17/2006, republished at Common Dreams News Center

2) Efforts to combat global warming should be increased


Dennis Kucinich believes the threat of global warming is real and urgent and has urged FEMA to study the increase of emergency response and disaster relief services it will be called upon to provide during "the next 5,10, and 20 years" as a result of weather related disasters. He advocates increasing CAFÉ standards and deriving ethanol from those renewable energy resources that do not exacerbate world hunger by driving up food prices and causing environmental problems of their own. He wants the United States to rely less on hydrocarbon fuels, "unsafe" nuclear power, and foreign energy sources, and he has great optimism about multiple renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar. Kucinich sees economic opportunity and jobs in energy conservation and calls for national service opportunities to help bring about increasingly green energy independence for America.

"Climate Change: We have Been Warned," Dennis Kucinich Speaking From the Floor of the House," (05/24/06) Kucinich 2008

"Rep. Kucinich: President Needs a Reality Check," US Fed News (01/23/07) as quoted on the League of Conservation Voters website, The Heat Is On

Climate Change, You Choose '08 (05/18/07) video added by Kucinich 2008

3) The federal government should provide a universal health care system


In 2005, Dennis Kucinich proposed the Conyers-Kucinich bill (HR 676), a publicly financed but privately delivered plan for universal, non-profit health care to cover all healthcare needs, including long-term, dental, mental health, and vision care as well as prescription drugs. He believes that by streamlining our current system, the bill could deliver these services to all for less than the nation now pays and also restore control to patients and doctors. This would diminish the mediating role of insurance companies, who, he says, profit by denying health care.

Universal Health Care, Kucinich 2008

H.R.676 Title: To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, and for other purposes.

4) Same-sex marriage should be banned


Kucinich opposes a federal amendment banning same-sex marriages and supports their occurrence. He sees this as a civil rights matter and would like to help "create a culture in America" in which "people could be whoever they are, because if America is about anything, it has to be about a chance for people to live out their dream and to express their own authenticity. And so, gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender people under my administration would have full participation, and they would also have the right to marry."

"Dennis Kucinich on Civil Rights" On The Issues

Same-Sex Marriage, CNN Election Center 2008

5) The civil law should be reformed so that lawsuits are less common and damage verdicts against individuals and businesses are lower


Dennis Kucinich voted against the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2004 which would have made it more difficult to file frivolous law suits, He also voted against limiting attorneys fees in class action lawsuits (Class Action Fairness Act of 2005). These are two major concerns of tort reform advocates, and his votes suggest that Kucinich, while not publicly condemning the tort reform, views it with a critical eye.

"Dennis Kucinich on Government Reform," On the Issues

6) The US should increase foreign aid


According to Kucinich, foreign aid is best used to enhance "peaceful and fruitful relations, rather than costly and potentially life-threatening conflict." He also approves of foreign aid being used "to protect our interests in terms of diplomacy, human rights, isolation of disease, environmental destruction, and prevention of increased refugees to US." In 2008, Kucinich was outraged that the Bush Administration sought to curtail the amount it spent on humanitarian aid, especially funds used to fight hunger and the spread of disease. He urged The United States to increase its aid and support for the United Nations Food Programme.

Topics in the news: Foreign Aid On the Issues

International Relatons. Issues, On the Issues, Dennis J. Kucinich

7) Murderers should face the death penalty


Kucinich does not believe that humans have the right to play God and to take a human life. He says no evidence supports the idea that the death penalty is a deterrent. Also, it falls unequally upon African-Americans and other minorities. Acknowledging that America is one of the last countries to impose the death penalty, Kucinich introduced the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act of 2003, which also sought to substitute life imprisonment without parole as a sentence for especially heinous crimes.

Death penalty Kucinich 2008

"Kucinich Introduces Bill to Abolish Federal Death Penalty," Common Dreams (12/14/2005)

8) The government should stop subsidizing farmers


"Something is wrong when profits of agribusiness corporations skyrocket, but farmers must find off-farm jobs or sell their farms to survive."—Dennis Kucinich Farm Policy Kucinich 2008

Dennis Kucinich has voted to cap farm subsidies to agribusinesses as part of his agenda to fight against monopolistic farm practices and revitalize family farms and rural communities.

Desy, Philomeneana Illa "I caucused for Denis Kucinich," Holistic Healing,

About: com

"Democratic Presidential Candidates - How Do They Rate On The Environment?" Northwest Defense (Winter 2003)

9) Before the social security system runs out of money, we should increase social security taxes to maintain benefits


Dennis Kucinich says that he has "a non-negotiable commitment to preserve Social Security against all assaults." He opposes all efforts to privatize Social Security and to divert payroll tax dollars into individual accounts. Instead, he hopes to restore full Social Security benefits to senior citizens at age 65. Kucinich is against raising the retirement age, against raising the cap on taxable wages, and against means-testing for benefits. He says finances of the Social Security system are more secure now than ever and that believes the interest rate on the Social Security trust fund is too low and should equal at least the average interest rate for U.S. Treasury-backed securities. He suggests Congress change the law to credit the trust fund with the average interest rate, reducing long-term financing problems by 30%.

Seniors Kucinich 2008

"Where the Candidates Stand," Project on Social Security Choice, Cato Institute

10) The federal government should be able to hold a suspected terrorist indefinitely without charging them with a crime


Kucinich believes that all defendants have the right to submit "a writ of habeas corpus" to a court demanding that they be reviewed and charged or released. He cautioned in a congressional speech opposing the Military Commissions Act (HR6166), that it suspended the writ of habeas corpus for enemy noncombatants and in doing so "cast a wide net in defining unlawful enemy combatants, that would include any American supporter of a national liberation movement which is seeking to overthrow a US Government-supported despot."

"Let's Stand Up for the Constitution, Dennis Kucinich speaking from the Floor of the House," Kucinich for Congress

Kucinich, Dennis "A Prayer for America," Alternet (02/25/02)

Kucinich, Dennis, Interview, INN World Report (video 09/29/06)

11) The War on Drugs is a failure and should be curtailed.


Dennis Kucinich believes that the War on Drugs has failed and says it drives up the market price, encouraging increased violence. "The racism evident in the Drug War and the clearly preferential treatment for offenders with connections," he adds, "undermine our concept of a just society. Draconian prison sentences that dwarf those for violent crimes, like murder and rape, destroy respect for our laws." He says that as mayor of Cleveland, he saw first hand the ravages of drugs and recommends that, as a first step, a national commission of medical professionals develop an intelligent rehabilitation program in consultation with drug experts from around the world. Treating addiction as a medical problem would quickly eliminate most of the black market.

Drug War, Kucinich 2008

"Dennis Kucinich On Drugs," On the Issues

12) America should take stronger and more consistent measures against the presence of illegal immigrants in the United States


Kucinich, Dennis "There is no place in our country for second-class status."—Dennis Kucinich, Immigrants Rights, Issues, Kucinich 2008 (11/16/ 06)

While Dennis Kucinich acknowledges that our government has the right to monitor people coming in and out of the country, he believes the U.S. needs to cope with immigration problems by enforcing labor and safety laws and by abolishing NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) which, he says, drives Mexican wages down rather than up. ''No fines should be paid (by immigrants), no one should be made to go back, and we should stop scapegoating immigrants," Kucinich exhorts. He opposed the Security Fence Act and several other measures voted on by the majority of his party. By the same token, he co-sponsored the USA Family Act (HR 440), which would grant legal status to those who have been living in the United States for over five years. He advocates clearing out backlogs in the naturalization process, and also hopes to extend benefits to all immigrants, creating a clear path to citizenship. Kucinich supports immigration opportunities for refugees and asylum-seekers. He considers employer penalties useless and hopes to abolish them.

The Candidates on Immigration, Council on Foreign Relations (05/22/07)

"Kucinich To Address Immigration Reform at U.S./Mexico Border on Sunday," Progressive Newswire, Common Dreams (09/18/03)

Kucinich, Dennis "There is no place in our country for second-class status." Immigrants Rights, Issues, Kucinich 2008 (11/16/ 06)

Gendell, Helga "Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is keynote speaker at West L.A. Democratic Club," The Argonaut (05/10/07)

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"Representative Dennis Kucinich's Record On Immigration Reform And Illegal Aliens," Immigration Stance (n.d.)


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